Zygarde H718 10

Zygarde 10%

Zygarde 50%

Zygarde 100%

Zygarde 10% Shiny

Zygarde 50% Shiny

Zygarde 100% Shiny

Number #718
Type Dragon Ground
Ability N/A
Height 10% form

3'11" 1.2 m

50% form

16'05" 5.0 m

Complete form

14'09" 4.5 m

Weight 10% form

73.9 lbs. 33.5 kg

50% form

672.4 lbs. 305.0 kg

Complete form

1344.8 lbs. 610.0 kg

Date Unknown

Zygarde is a Dragon/Ground-type legendary Pokémon of the sixth generation.

It is also know as an Event pokémon.

Zygarde is not know to evolve from or into any pokémon but it can

change forms into it's 50% and Complete forms.


Zygarde is thought to monitor those who destroy the ecosystem from deep with its cave. Should the region's ecosystem fall into disarray, it will appear and reveal its power.

Zygarde is only available in December around Christmas.



Zygarde 10% Form has a relatively small, mostly black canine body with a green "leash" that continues beyond the neck. Its muzzle is black at the top and green elsewhere. Its eyes are white hexagons with a black outline and no discernible pupils; directly above the eyes are two small green hexagons that resemble eyebrows. On its forehead is a very thin, white ellipse. Its "leash" is entirely green with a small red hexagon connected to the bottom. Its left front paw is green up to the elbow, while all its other legs are completely black. On each of its legs are hexagonal protrusions, all the same color black as the legs themselves. There are two such protrusions on the back of its elbows, one on each knee, and two on each hip. One extension on the right hip is placed higher than on the left.


Zygarde 50% Form has a serpentine body with green and black markings. Most of its back is black, while the underbelly and the tip of its tail are green. Its eyes are comprised of four green hexagons, similar to an insect with compound eyes. Across the back of its neck is a large frill made of five long, flat protrusions. There are three short tendrils on either side of its chest, and its tail ends in five tendrils. It has many small, green hexagon markings on its body that can glow.


Zygarde Complete Form has a large, humanoid body with a long tail similar to Zygarde 50% Form's body. There are several flat protrusions around its head and triangular protrusions around its neck, giving it a crown-shaped appearance. On its face are three white hexagonal marks: one in the middle of its forehead with a line through it and two being that acting as eyes. There are an additional five green hexagons on its face: four along the bottom and one in the middle of a short protrusion on top. Each shoulder has two wings protruding from it. These wings all have a hexagon and an undulating pattern: blue on the right side and red on the left. The very tip of the wings can open up, making them appear to be a pair of "mouths" with red or blue patterns on the inside. It has multiple white protrusions on its body: three on each hand acting as claws, one on each knee, and one and the front of each foot. Additionally, there are green extensions surrounding its wrists and two under the white protrusions on its knees and feet. Its abdomen has a vertical, hexagonal pattern upon it with two thin, white, and vertical marks on either side. Across its chest is thin, zigzagging opening that fades between five colors: red, orange, white, cyan, and blue. The chest can open, revealing five cores of each color. Above this opening are two large green, hexagonal marks. When its wings and tail are extended, Zygarde Complete Form resembles the Latin alphabet letter Z

How to Obtain:

MS Name Description
MS718 10
Zygarde 10% Collect 10 Zygarde Cells.
MS718 50
Zygarde 50% Evolve from Zygarde 10% with 50 cells.
MS718 100
Zygarde Complete Evolve from Zygarde 50% with 100 cells.
N/A Shiny Zygarde 10% Own a Zygarde at level 100.

Unobtainable before Massive Update.

N/A Shiny Zygarde 50% Evolve from Zygarde 10% Shiny with 50 cells.
N/A Shiny Zygarde Complete Evolve from Zygarde 50% Shiny with 100 cells.
N/A Reflective Zygarde 10% N/A

Zygarde Cells

Zygarde Cells can be found all over the map. They only appear when Zygarde is available to be obtained. These cells are unplayable and are required for Zygarde to transform. The max limit of these cells is 100. Every 15 seconds, a Zygarde Cell appears. After 10 minutes, they despawn.

Zygarde Cores

The Zygarde Cores are the brains of Zygarde, and with each one collected, a new move is unlocked for Zygarde. The hints for Zygarde Cores are:

Core Name Requirment for that Core
The Zygarde Core of Gifting: Presents for all! (Randomly obtained from the Delibird's move called Present)

Cannot be obtained if you are the Delibird that threw the present.

The Zygarde Core of Fighting: A chance to obtain when fighting. (Randomly obtained when killing a player)
The Zygarde Core of Adventure: Hidden somewhere on the map. (Located on a platform in the Great Tree)
The Zygarde Core of Being Social: A special chat command. (Obtained with the chat command "Z1Z2")
he Zygarde Core

of Lore:

Hidden somewhere on the map. (Hidden at the Chopped Tree's roots near the Underground Maze)

Zygarde Core was once a playable Pokémon it is located here: Zygarde Core. It is now removed.



Level 5 50 100
Speed TBD TBD 68
Attack TBD TBD 230
Defense TBD TBD 165
Sp.Attack TBD TBD 143
Sp.Defense TBD TBD 197


Level 10 50 100
Speed TBD TBD 58
Attack TBD TBD 230
Defense TBD TBD 278
Sp.Attack TBD TBD 188
Sp.Defense TBD TBD 219


Level 10 50 100
Speed TBD TBD 53
Attack TBD TBD 230
Defense TBD TBD 278
Sp.Attack TBD TBD 210
Sp.Defense TBD TBD 219


All Zygarde Formes have the same moves.
Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Glare Normal Status N/A
1 Bulldoze Ground Physical N/A
1 Dragon Breath Dragon Special N/A
1 Bite Dark Physical 1
5 Safeguard Normal Status 1
10 Dig Ground Physical N/A
18 Bind Normal Physical 1
26 Land's Wrath Ground Physical N/A
35 Sandstorm Ground Status N/A
44 Haze Ice Status 1
51 Crunch Dark Physical 1
55 Earthquake Ground Physical 1
59 Camouflage Normal Status N/A
63 Dragon Pulse Dragon Special 1
72 Coil Poison Status N/A
80 Outrage Dragon Physical N/A
One Zygarde Core Extreme Speed Normal Physical 2
Two Zygarde Cores Thousand Arrows Ground Physical N/A
Three Zygarde Cores Thousand Waves Ground Physical N/A
Four Zygarde Cores Dragon Dance Dragon Status 1
Five Zygarde Cores Core Enforcer Dragon Special 1