Xatu H178


Xatu Shiny


Number #178
Type Psychic Flying
Ability Synchronize

Second: Early Bird

Height 4'11" 1.5 m
Weight 33.1 lbs. 15.0 kg
Date Unknown
Location 16

Xatu is a Psychic/Flying-type Pokémon of the second generation.

It evolves from Natu at level 25.


Xatu is a green condor-like Pokémon with long, red-and-black tipped white wings that cover most of its front. Underneath its wings are designs that resemble red eyes. Along with its main green coloration, Xatu's design has accents of black, yellow, and red. There is an extra set of yellow stripes on a male Xatu. It has almond eyes, a long, slightly hooked beak, and two long, red feather crests. Xatu's feet have only two toes, one in front and one in back. Xatu's design is similar to a totem pole or a kachina doll.[1]


The body of Illumixatu is yellow, its head has a triangular shape with a more curved peak and a single eye in the center. Much of what is in the torso has a slightly more triangular shape and has a red eye in the center of the body. Some parts of the body remain the same as the normal. Like its pre-evolution, it is based on the famous Illuminati symbol.


MS Name Description
MS178 Normal Evolve from Natu at level 25.
MS178S Shiny Evolve from Natu Shiny at level 25.
MS178I Illumixatu Evolve from Illuminatu at level 25.
MS178REF Reflective Evolve from Natu Reflective at level 25.


Level 5 50 100
Speed TBD TBD 58
Attack TBD TBD 174
Defense TBD TBD 163
Special Attack TBD TBD 219
Special Defense TBD TBD 163


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Air Slash Flying Special 1
1 Tailwind Flying Status N/A
1 Peck Flying Physical 1
1 Leer Normal Status 1
6 Night Shade Ghost Special 1
9 Teleport Psychic Status 1
12 Lucky Chant Normal Status 1
17 Stored Power Psychic Special N/A
20 Ominous Wind Ghost Special N/A
23 Confuse Ray Ghost Status 1
29 Wish Normal Status N/A
35 Psychic Psychic Special 1
39 Miracle Eye Psychic Status N/A
43 Psycho Shift Psychic Status N/A
49 Future Sight Psychic Special N/A
53 Power Swap Psychic Status N/A
53 Guard Swap Psychic Status N/A
57 Me First Normal Status N/A