How to get Woobat

Get a Zubat to lvl 20.


Woobat is a blue, spherical Pokémon, resembling a Honduran White Bat. It is covered in shaggy fur and has a large, piggish nose with a heart-shaped nostril. Two tufts of shaggy fur hide its eyes, and its mouth has a single fang in the center of its upper jaw. There are two relatively small, black wings on either side of its body.

Woobat's stats

LVL 50 75 100
HP 122 TBD 234
Attack 56 TBD 107
Defence 54 TBD 102
Speed 28 TBD 46
Sp.Attack 67 TBD 129
Sp.Defence 54 TBD 102

Woobat's moveset.

  1. Confusion
  2. Gust
  3. defog