Weepinbell H070


Weepinbell Shiny

Number #070
Type Grass Poison
Ability N/A
Height 3'03" 1.0 m
Weight 14.1 lbs. 6.4 kg
Date Unknown
Location 01

Weepinbell is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon of the first generation.

It evolves from Bellsprout at level 21 and evolves into Victreebel with a Leaf Stone.


Weepinbell has a yellow, bell-shaped body with a single green leaf on either side. It has a wide, gaping mouth with pink lips. Above Weepinbell's circular eyes is a pattern of three small green spots and a small hook-shaped stem.[1]


MS Name Description
MS070 Normal Evolve from Bellsprout at level 21.
MS070S Shiny Evolve from Bellsprout Shiny at level 21.
MS070REF Reflective Evolve from Bellsprout Reflective at level 21.


Level 5 50 100
HP TBD 134 257
Speed TBD 24 38
Attack TBD 107 208
Defense TBD 62 118
Special Attack TBD 101 197
Special Defense TBD 56 107


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Vine Whip Grass Physical N/A
7 Growth Normal Status 1
11 Wrap Normal Physical N/A
13 Sleep Powder Grass Status 1
15 Poison Powder Poison Status 1
17 Stun Spore Grass Status 1
24 Acid Poison Special N/A
29 Knock Off Dark Physical N/A
32 Sweet Scent Normal Status 1
39 Gastro Acid Poison Status N/A
44 Razor Leaf Grass Physical 1
47 Poison Jab Poison Physical N/A
54 Slam Normal Physical N/A
58 Wring Out Normal Special N/A