Valentine's Day 2018

The Valentine's Day Event started on the 10th of Febuary, 2018 and lasted until the 18th of Febuary. It added no new pokemon, but 3 new skins to existing pokemon. It also added a new subheading to the skins section: "Love".

Event Skins


Luvdisc was given a new skin called "Love" and a remodel, to become a flatter love-shaped fish. How you obtained it was by talking to the person in the PvP arena. They asked for 25 Heart Scales, and would give you a reward if done so. 

Love Luvdisc looks like a Heart Scale and is based on it, that is why you have to collect 25 of them.


Combee was given the new "Love" skin. To get it, you had to use the move Sweet Scent on a honey tree.

Love Combee is the same as regular Combee, but pink. Love Vespiquen is regular Vespiquen, but pink and white, with a love heart on the top of it's head. The honeycomb and face is a mod purple, while the pincers and dot in the middle of the honeycomb is red.


Driflloon returned this year from the 2017 code, with a change to it's name. Instead of being called "Driflove", it was changed to "Love", along with Luvedisc and Combee. To get it, you had to put the code posted on Uglypoe's twitter on the 14th. The code was "HeartySurprise2018". It was only around for about 4 days. 

Love Drifloon is the same from each year it was around, a pink version of the regular, with a love heart in it's cloud. Love Drifblim is the same as Drifloon, a pink variant of the regular with a love heart in it's cloud on it's head.


  • Heart Scales spawned twice as fast.
  • Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Mega Gengar and Luvdisc got remodeled.
  • Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Mega Gengar, Riolu, Lucario, Mega Lucario got animated.
  • "Driflove" got renamed to "Love".
  • Grass and Trees became Pink.