Unown God 50px

Unown God

Unown God Shiny

Number Unknown
Type Psychic
Ability Levitate
Height 9'10" 3.0 m
Weight 220.5 lbs. 100.0 kg
Date Unknown
Location 16

Unown God is a Psychic-type special Pokémon.

It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.


Unown God is similar in appearance to Unown Lord; however, its entire body from the neck down is covered by its red cloak. The cloak is adorned with colored squares and an Unown symbol on the front and back. Unown God also wears a red and gold crown, which is identical to Unown Lord's in appearance. Most likely there are Unowns under the cloak.


MS Name Description
MSSUG Normal Own Unown forms A-! and Unown Lord at level 100.
MSSUGS Shiny Own an Unown God at level 100.
MSSUGREF Reflective Own an Unown God before the Massive Update.


Level 5 50 100
HP TBD 236 461
Speed TBD 33 55
Attack TBD 235 464
Defense TBD 181 356
Special Attack TBD 235 464
Special Defense TBD 181 356


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Hidden Power Normal Special 1
1 Aura Sphere Fighting Special 1
1 Giga Drain Grass Special 1
1 Amnesia Psychic Status 1
50 Tri Attack Normal Special 1
55 Psychic Psychic Special 1
60 Hypnosis Psychic Status 1
65 Rest Psychic Status 1
70 Psywave Psychic Special N/A
75 Confusion Psychic Special 1
80 Focus Energy Normal Status 1
85 Scary Face Normal Status 1
90 Endeavor Normal Physical 1
95 Feint Attack Dark Physical 1
100 Hyper Beam Normal Special 1