Tentacool H072


Tentacool Shiny

Number #072
Type Water Poison
Ability Clear Body

Second: Liquid Ooze

Height 2'11" 0.9 m
Weight 100.3 lbs. 45.5 kg
Date Unknown
Location 03

Tentacool is a Water/Poison-type Pokémon of the first generation.

Currently it is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.


Tentacool resembles a box jellyfish. It has a light blue, clear body with two large, transparent, red crystals on each side of its body and one small one in the middle. It has two small eyes with black pupils and no visible irises near the base of its body. It has two tentacles laced with stinging cells. The tentacles extend from beneath its round, blue lower body, which has a cape-like formation in the back.[1]


MS Name Description
MS072 Normal Walk into the Underwater Dimension.
MS072S Shiny Own a Tentacool at level 100.
MS072REF Reflective Own a Tentacool Shiny at level 100 before the Massive Update.


Level 5 50 100
HP TBD 105 200
Speed TBD 28 45
Attack TBD 50 95
Defense TBD 45 84
Special Attack TBD 62 118
Special Defense TBD 118 230


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Poison Sting Poison Physical 1
4 Supersonic Normal Status 1
7 Constrict Normal Physical N/A
10 Acid Poison Special N/A
13 Toxic Spikes Poison Status 1
16 Water Pulse Water Special N/A
19 Wrap Normal Physical N/A
22 Acid Spray Poison Special N/A
25 Bubble Beam Water Special 1
28 Barrier Psychic Status 1
31 Poison Jab Poison Physical N/A
34 Brine Water Special N/A
37 Screech Normal Status 1
40 Hex Ghost Special N/A
43 Sludge Wave Poison Special N/A
46 Hydro Pump Water Special 1
49 Wring Out Normal Special N/A