Rapid Spin
Type Normal
Category Physical
Power 20
Accuracy 100%
Reload Time 4 sec


A spin attack that can also eliminate such moves as Bind, Wrap, Leech Seed, and Spikes.


Rapid Spin inflicts damage and then removes the effects of any binding moves from the user, as well as entry hazards.


# MS Name Type Level
007 MS007 Squirtle Water 19
008 MS008 Wartortle Water 21
009 MS009 Blastoise Water 21
120 MS120 Staryu Water 7
121 MS121 Starmie Water Psychic 1
343 MS343 Baltoy Ground Psychic 4
344 MS344 Claydol Ground Psychic 4
615 MS615 Cryogonal Ice 1
775 MS775 Komala Normal 11


MS Name Type Level
MS007H Skulltle Water Ghost 19
MS008H Skeletle Water Ghost 21
MS009H Skeletoise Water Ghost 21