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Ranks are available in the official Pokémon Fighters EX group.  As of now, there isn't any reward from gaining ranks other than a differently-colored nametag.

Normal Ranks

There are currently four normal ranks in the group.


The Citizen rank is obtained by simply joining the group. The color of nametag is pure white, but this is no longer visible due to players being ranked up automatically when joining the game.


The Trainer rank is obtained by joining the game. This is the most common rank in the group. The white nametag gets a bit yellowish.


The Expert rank is obtained by owning 95% of all Pokémon. The nametag is yellow, but still very bright.


The Champion rank is obtained when having 95% of all Pokémon at level 100. This is the rarest and hardest rank to get for normal players. The nametag is pure yellow. Prior to the Massive Update, those who achieved this rank were awarded a Mewtwonite Y.

Special Ranks

The special ranks are not obtainable by most normal users, as these are received by Uglypoe and not automatically by the rank bot.

There are currently four special ranks.


The promoter is a bot in the group that ranks up players. This rank is reserved for Enigma_Berry.


As the name of the rank suggests, this is the rank for YouTubers. In order to be seen as a YouTuber, you will need to be well-known on YouTube and upload videos about Pokémon Fighters EX often. The name tag is green.


The Contributor rank is reserved for those who contributed to the game's development.

Crimson Mew

This rank is reserved for Mewsitive, who is the only non-staff user that has a personal Pokémon, Crimson Mew. The nametag is dark red.

Staff Ranks

The staff ranks are not obtainable by most normal users. Often, people with staff ranks have a personal Pokémon, and defeating some of them will unlock Elusive skins. These people mainly create game models and improvements.

There are currently five staff ranks.


Currently, this rank is reserved for Runetooth. Composers are in charge of composing music for the game. People with this rank have a violet nametag.


For this rank, you need to be a builder for PFE. People with this rank have a blue nametag.


For this rank, you need to be a moderator of PFE. The nametag is yellow-orange.


For this rank, you need to be an admin in PFE. The nametag is pure orange.


This rank is reserved for Uglypoe, the game's creator. This is the most important rank, as it is responsible for updating the game and fixing bugs. He also creates codes for the game. The nametag is red.