How to get:

Own a level 20 Oddish

Own a lvl 20 Gastly


Phantump is a child's spirit possessing a rotten tree stump, and lives in abandoned forests.


It is a wispy, grayish black Pokémon. A small tree stump covers its head, with a single, wavy branch situated on either side and extending upward. Each branch has two small, green leaves near its tip. Phantump's red, oval eyes are visible through two holes in the body of the stump. On its body is a pair of tiny, stubby arms and a wispy tuft on top of its head. Its mouth appears to be on the stump itself rather than on Phantump's body.


Phantump Starts at level 5 with the following stats:

Level 5 50 100
Health TBD TBD 207
Attack TBD TBD 163
Defense TBD TBD 113
Speed TBD TBD 29
SAttack TBD TBD 118
SDefense TBD TBD 140