Type Ice
Category Status
Power 65
Accuracy 100%
Reload Time 5 sec


The user cloaks itself in a white mist that prevents any of its stats from being lowered for twenty-five seconds.


Mist protects the user from stat stage changes inflicted by the opponent. Moves used by the opponent that only cause a stat change, such as Growl, will fail, but moves that lower the target's stats as a side effect, such as Psychic, can still decrease stats.

Mist does not remove any stat stage changes already in effect, and it does not prevent the user from lowering their own stats. The effect of Mist can be removed by Defog.

Mist will fail if it is already under effect.


# MS Name Type Level
131 MS131 Lapras Water Ice 4
144 MS144 Articuno Ice 8
150 MS150 Mewtwo Psychic 86
220 MS220 Swinub Ice Ground 35
221 MS221 Piloswine Ice Ground 37
245 MS245 Suicune Water 36
278 MS278 Wingull Water Flying 12
279 MS279 Pelipper Water Flying 12
283 MS283 Surskit Bug Water 25
284 MS284 Masquerain Bug Flying Prior Evolution
320 MS320 Wailmer Water 22
321 MS321 Wailord Water 22
333 MS333 Swablu Normal Flying 14
334 MS334 Altaria Dragon Flying 14
393 MS393 Piplup Water 36
394 MS394 Prinplup Water 42
395 MS395 Empoleon Water Steel 46
488 MS488 Cresselia Psychic 20
615 MS615 Cryogonal Ice 9