Minun cares more for its teammates than itself, sending off showers of sparks when it cheers for them. When its partner is in trouble, it gives off increasing amounts of sparks. It can create electric pom-poms for cheering. Its electrical current promotes blood circulation and energizes its target. It lives in grassy areas. However, it will hide under the eaves of houses when it rains due to its dislike of water.


Minun is cream-colored bipedal Pokémon with blue markings. It has a dot-like nose, and a cream-colored minus sign in the middle of its circular blue cheeks. It has long, flat ears that are mostly blue. Its limbs are stubby and digitless, and it has blue front paws. Its short tail is tipped with a blue minus sign.



Level 5 50 100
Health TBD TBD 245
Attack TBD TBD 95
Defense TBD TBD 118
Speed TBD TBD 58
Special Attack TBD TBD 174
Special Defense TBD TBD 197


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Nuzzle Electric Physical 1
1 Play Nice Normal Status N/A
1 Growl Normal Status 1
1 Thunder Wave Electric Status 1
1 Quick Attack Normal Physical 1
4 Helping Hand Normal Status N/A
7 Spark Electric Physical N/A
13 Switcheroo Dark Status N/A
16 Swift Normal Special N/A
19 Electro Ball Electric Special 1
22 Copycat Normal Status 1
25 Fake Tears Dark Status N/A
28 Charge Electric Status N/A
31 Discharge Electric Special 1
34 Baton Pass Normal Status N/A
37 Agility Psychic Status 1
40 Trump Card Normal Special N/A
43 Thunder Electric Special N/A
46 Nasty Plot Dark Status 1
49 Entrainment Normal Status N/A