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Metal Face has a much more elegant appearance compared with most other Mechon. It has blades for fingers and the framework of its body appears almost skeletal. It also has a cannon mounted on its head. Finally, it has an "abdomen" that is actually the engine used to give Metal Face flight. After getting repaired from its second encounter with Shulk, the "horns" on its head are switched for blood red ones and it is given a bulkier outer shell which conceals most of the abdomen and gives it greater resilience.


Tall with it's signature menacing face along with a set of sharp claws


Metal Face starts at level 100 with the following stats

Level 1 50 100
Health N/A N/A 1300
Attack N/A N/A 1300
Defense N/A N/A 1100
Speed N/A N/A 50
SAttack N/A N/A 1500
SDefense N/A N/A 1100


Aero Blast

Metal Claw

Aura Sphere

Origin Pulse