When angered or attacking, such as using its exclusive Z-Move, Marshadow's fighting spirit will begin to burn, causing the headgear, bulbs, and collar to flare up and change to a light-green and yellowish color. Marshadow's eyes will also flare up when in this state, but do not change in color. 

Very few people have seen it, so its existence was the stuff of legends and myths. A cautious Pokémon, Marshadow sinks into the shadows to ensure it is not noticed while it observes its surroundings.


Marshadow is a gray bipedal Pokémon. The area around its face resembles that of certain headgear such as a helmet with three horn-like protrusions on top. It has a bulb on each arm as well as a collar that wraps around its neck. Its eyes are orange with yellow pupils. Above each eye is a spot that is the same color as its pupils. It has two trails of shadows coming out from behind its legs.


Obtained by finding in the wild,


Level 5 50 100
Health N/A TBD 313
Attack N/A TBD 287
Defense N/A TBD 185
Speed N/A TBD 73
Special Attack N/A TBD 208
Special Defense N/A TBD 208