Loudred's Lotto is a shop where you can buy and open Pokeboxes, was added during the Winter Event 2017-2018.

Loudred's Lotto

Shop's Logo.

The shop is a light green house with two floors and is located in the Deep Marine Community. Inside the shop, there is a Loudred on top of a box and to side, the Lotto Master who is the owner of the shop.


The Pokeboxes contain various skins to use with your Pokémon. These skins only change how the Pokémon looks, they do not change their stats. In case a duplicate appears, you will be given 75 Pokebux (250 in Self and 100 in Creation).

Types of Pokeboxes

Currently there are only 3 types of Pokeboxes:

Name Image Description Obtaining
Regular Pokebox Pokebox Choose a Pokémon and the skin randomly. Sold for 150 Pokebux. Also obtainable by promotional code.
Self Pokebox Self Pokebox Always choose the Pokémon you have selected currently (except Trainer and all the special Pokémon) and choose a skin randomly. Obtainable by promotional or exclusive code.
Creation Pokebox Creation Pokebox Choose a Pokémon and the skin randomly. Only 3 different skins appear that can only be obtained in this Pokebox. Sold for 200 Pokebux.


In the Pokeboxes there are up to 12 different skins, some of them with a different probability and are the following:

Name Image Probability Notes
Red Red 7/69 (10,14%)
Orange Orange 7/69 (10,14%)
Yellow Yellow 7/69 (10,14%)
Green Green 7/69 (10,14%)
Cyan Cyan 7/69 (10,14%)
Blue Blue 7/69 (10,14%)
Purple Purple 7/69 (10,14%)
Pink Pink 7/69 (10,14%)
Brown Brown 7/69 (10,14%)
BW BW 4/69 (5,79%) Was added much earlier as promotional codes.
Inverted Inverted 2/69 (2,89%) Was added much earlier as exclusive codes.
Rainbow Rainbow Can only be unlocked for a Pokémon when the player owns all 9 color skins for said Pokémon.

There are also 3 special skins obtainable only in the Creation Pokebox and Self Pokebox, each with a special effect:

Name Image Probability Notes
Angelic Angelic 1/3 (33,33%)
Spectral Spectral 1/3 (33,33%)
Demonic Demonic 1/3 (33,33%)


  • Shortly before being added to the game, when it was under construction, if we go inside the house, we can see the owner of the shop but without skin that says "sir no leaks".
  • The Lotto Master is actually Methunder, an administrator of the PFE.
  • If a player had a Rainbow skin before the 06/30/2018, were given 25 Pokeboxes (15 Self, 5 Regular and 5 Creation).