Kyurem H646


Kyurem Shiny

Number #646
Type Dragon Ice
Ability N/A
Height 9'10" 3.0 m
Weight 716.5 lbs. 325.0 kg
Date 04/21/2018
Location 20

Kyurem is a Dragon/Ice-type legendary Pokémon of the fifth generation.

It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.


Kyurem is a gray and blue, bipedal Pokémon of indefinable but seemingly draconic basis. Kyurem has a blue head and snout and has yellow eyes without pupils, has a pair of pointed light bluish horns on its head and a yellow crest on its skull. Three pointed teeth jut out the bottom of either side of its jaws, which are frozen shut by the ice covering its head. Its long, gray neck has lines running around its whole body, legs, arms and tail. It has two arms, each with its own claw and each arm is jointed together from its oddly shaped blue wings, which are believed to be used for flying and storing cold air. Each wing has two spikes of ice. The ice covering the wings can break, revealing gray tendril-like appendages on Kyurem's back. The right side of its body seems to be damaged in some way, as the wing and horn on its head on that side are shorter; the right side of its head also has a spiked edge near its jaw hinge that is absent from its left. Its legs are somewhat slender, and has three sharp ice-like claws on each enormous foot. Its tail has three blue conical spikes on its tip, and appears to be some sort of propulsion device or a container of energy; exactly what it is based on is unclear, but it may be a damaged turbine.[1]


MS Name Description
MS646 Normal Find and collect inside the Ice Cave.
MS646S Shiny Own a Kyurem at level 100.
MS646REF Reflective N/A


Level 5 50 100
Health TBD TBD 392
Attack TBD TBD 298
Defense TBD TBD 208
Speed TBD TBD 58
Special Attack TBD TBD 298
Special Defense TBD TBD 208


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Dragon Rage Dragon Special 1
1 Icy Wind Ice Special N/A
8 Imprison Psychic Status N/A
15 Ancient Power Rock Special 1
22 Ice Beam Ice Special 1
29 Dragon Breath Dragon Special N/A
36 Slash Normal Physical 1
43 Scary Face Normal Status 1
50 Glaciate Ice Special 1
57 Dragon Pulse Dragon Special 1
64 Noble Roar Normal Status N/A
71 Endeavor Normal Physical 1
78 Blizzard Ice Special N/A
85 Outrage Dragon Physical N/A
92 Hyper Voice Normal Special N/A