King Shellos is a special pokemon that evolves into King Gastrodon at level 30.


King Shellos is a special slug-like Pokémon. Its shell-like back constantly changes colors while its amorphous lower body remains white. It has yellow lining around its eyes, mouth, and back and yellow lips. On its head sits a crown blue crown lined with gold with jewels lining the sides. It sparkles yellow glints.


King Shellos is awarded to players who win one of Uglypoe's challenges or giveaways, such as Twitch trivia or Twitter giveaways.


King Shellos starts at level 5.

Level 5 50 100
Health TBD 145 326
Attack TBD TBD 158
Defense TBD TBD 158
Speed TBD TBD 37
SAttack TBD TBD 179
SDefense TBD TBD 190


Level Move Type Category
4 Harden Normal Status
16 Hidden Power Normal Special
46 Recover Normal Status