Hoothoot H163


Hoothoot Shiny

Number #163
Type NormalFlying
Ability Insomnia

Hidden: Tinted Lens

Height 2'04" 0.7 m
Weight 46.7 lbs. 21.2 kg
Date 06/09/2018
Location 09

Hoothoot is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon of the second generation.

It evolves into Noctowl at level 20.


Hoothoot is a round, owl-like bird with two stubby wings and a short, fan-shaped tail. It has large red eyes with beady pupils. Its feathers are mostly brown with a beige underbelly. Hoothoot has a large black, mask-like crest, which encircles both eyes and covers the face. The crest has two protrusions at the top resembling the hands of a clock. The parts of the crest below each eye have notches resembling the teeth of a clockwork gear. Hoothoot has a small, hooked beak and two feet with five digits.[1]


MS Name Description
MS163 Normal Use Fly during the night.
MS163S Shiny Own a Hoothoot at level 100.
MS163REF Reflective N/A


Level 5 50 100
HP TBD 128 245
Speed TBD 23 35
Attack TBD 39 73
Defense TBD 39 73
Special Attack TBD 46 86
Special Defense TBD 68 131


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Tackle Normal Physical 1
1 Growl Normal Status 1
1 Foresight Normal Status N/A
4 Hypnosis Psychic Status 1
7 Peck Flying Physical 1
10 Confusion Psychic Special 1
13 Echoed Voice Normal Special N/A
16 Zen Headbutt Psychic Physical 1
19 Psycho Shift Psychic Status N/A
22 Extrasensory Psychic Special N/A
25 Take Down Normal Physical 1
28 Reflect Psychic Status N/A
31 Air Slash Flying Special 1
34 Uproar Normal Special N/A
37 Roost Flying Status 1
40 Moonblast Fairy Special 1
43 Synchronoise Psychic Special N/A
46 Dream Eater Psychic Special 1