Honchkrow's Handy Moves is a shop that allows the Pokémon to learn moves buying with Heart Scale, was added during the Massive Update.

Honchkrow's Handy Moves

Shop's Logo.

The shop is an orange house with two floors and is located in the Deep Marine Community. Inside the shop, there is a Honchkrow with the Move Tutor, the owner of the shop, and in the background, there are shelves stuck to the wall.

Heart Scale

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The Heart Scales are items used to buy and learn moves. Are located mainly in the ocean, lake, beach, rock island and the Underwater Dimension, can also be purchased at Meowth's Mad Deals for 20 Pokebux.


In the shop, there is a list of all the moves that can learn a Pokémon by level. Sometimes, the price to be able to learn some move may be different, due there are moves with a special requirement. The price of each one are:

  • A move that is learned by level costs 1 Heart Scale.
  • A move that is learned by Prior Evolution costs 3 Heart Scales.
  • A move that is learned by Zygarde Core costs 5 Heart Scales.
  • A move that is learned by a Personal Pokémon costs 10 Heart Scales.

In case you already have 4 moves learned, it will have to be replaced by one in order to learn a new one. A lock indicates if you can learn that move or not:

  • If it does not have a lock, it means that it can be learned.
  • If it has a black lock, it means that it can not be learned yet.
  • If it has a red lock, it means that it is not added in the game.


  • The Personals Pokémon can learn all the moves of the game, including those that no one can learn yet.
  • The Move Tutor is Bobb2008, an administrator of the PFE.