Honchkrow H430


Honchkrow Shiny

Number #430
Type Dark Flying
Ability Insomnia

Second: Super Luck

Hidden: Moxie

Height 2'11" 0.9 m
Weight 60.2 lbs. 27.3 kg
Date Unknown
Location 17

Honchkrow is a Dark/Flying-type Pokémon of the fourth generation.

It evolves from Murkrow with a Dusk Stone.


Honchkrow is a dark-blue avian Pokémon with plumage resembling a person dressed in formal attire. It has a large feather crest resembling a fedora hat that has spikes extending from the back. It has circular red eyes with white sclera and dark blue eyelids. Its yellow beak is slightly curved, and its head is supported by a broad, short neck. Honchkrow has a white and prominent crest of feathers on its chest that bears resemblance to a beard or cravat. Its wings have red feathers on the inside. Honchkrow has black feet with four toes. The tail's base is a white, cylindrical stalk, on which there is a growth of red feathers on the end.[1]


MS Name Description
MS430 Normal Evolve from Murkrow with a Dusk Stone.
MS430S Shiny Evolve from Murkrow Shiny with a Dusk Stone.
MS430REF Reflective Evolve from Murkrow Reflective with a Dusk Stone.


Level 5 50 100
Speed TBD TBD 46
Attack TBD TBD 287
Defense TBD TBD 122
Special Attack TBD TBD 242
Special Defense TBD TBD 122


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Sucker Punch Dark Physical N/A
1 Peck Flying Physical 1
1 Astonish Ghost Physical 1
1 Pursuit Dark Physical N/A
1 Haze Ice Status 1
1 Wing Attack Flying Physical 1
25 Swagger Normal Status N/A
35 Nasty Plot Dark Status 1
45 Foul Play Dark Physical N/A
55 Night Slash Dark Physical 1
65 Quash Dark Status N/A
75 Dark Pulse Dark Special 1
Prior Evolution Peck Flying Physical 3
Prior Evolution Night Shade Ghost Special 3
Prior Evolution Assurance Dark Physical N/A
Prior Evolution Feint Attack Dark Physical 3
Prior Evolution Mean Look Normal Status N/A
Prior Evolution Tailwind Flying Status N/A