Hidden Power
Hidden Power
Type Normal
Category Special
Power 60
Accuracy 100%
Reload Time 10 sec


A unique attack that varies in type depending on the Pokémon using it.


Hidden Power inflicts damage. Its type is chosen randomly when the move is executed.


# MS Name Type Level
201 MS201A Unown Psychic 1
422 MS422W Shellos Water 16
423 MS423W Gastrodon WaterGround 16
577 MS577 Solosis Psychic 14
578 MS578 Duosion Psychic 14
579 MS579 Reuniclus Psychic 14


MS Name Type Level
MS399K Kevin Normal 1
MSSKS King Shellos Water 16
MSSKG King Gastrodon Water Ground 16
MSSUL Unown Lord Psychic 1
MSSUG Unown God Psychic 1


  • Hidden Power can be Fairy-type or Normal-type in this game, unlike the main series Pokémon games. This is because its type is chosen randomly rather than being based on IVs, which are nonexistent in PFE.