Golbat H042


Golbat Shiny

Number #042
Type Poison Flying
Ability Inner Focus
Height 5'03" 1.6 m
Weight 121.3 lbs. 55.0 kg
Date Unknown
Location 07

Golbat is a Poison/Flying-type Pokémon of the first generation.

It evolves from Zubat at level 22 and evolves into Crobat with high friendship.


Golbat is a large, blue bat-like Pokémon with purple wing membranes. It has small eyes with slit pupils and a massive mouth containing four fangs; females have smaller fangs than males. While its mouth seems to be otherwise empty, Golbat occasionally displays a long, purple tongue. Its pointed ears are tiny, and it has short legs with long, thin feet.[1]


MS Name Description
MS042 Normal Evolve from Zubat at level 22.
MS042S Shiny Evolve from Zubat Shiny at level 22.
MS042REF Reflective Evolve from Zubat Reflective at level 22.


Level 5 50 100
HP TBD 145 279
Speed TBD 33 55
Attack TBD 95 185
Defense TBD 84 163
Special Attack TBD 79 152
Special Defense TBD 90 174


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Absorb Grass Special 1
1 Screech Normal Status 1
5 Supersonic Normal Status 1
7 Astonish Ghost Physical 1
11 Bite Dark Physical 1
13 Wing Attack Flying Physical 1
17 Confuse Ray Ghost Status 1
19 Air Cutter Flying Special N/A
24 Swift Normal Special N/A
27 Poison Fang Poison Physical N/A
32 Mean Look Normal Status N/A
35 Leech Life Bug Physical N/A
40 Haze Ice Status 1
43 Venoshock Poison Special N/A
48 Air Slash Flying Special 1
51 Quick Guard Fighting Status N/A