How to get:

Diancie can be found in Whistleburrow cave

Diancite is a Tournament Prize which currently is not obtainable


Diancie is born from a Carbink that undergoes a mutation. It can instantly create diamonds by compressing the carbon in the air; these diamonds can then be used to defend itself. It can absorb light with a perfect balance and emits a radiance that looks like nothing in the world. According to legends, it can protect its travel partners from accidents and illnesses. Diancie is the only known Pokémon that can learn Diamond Storm.


Diancie is a gray, sylph-like Pokémon with a white chest and arms that resembles a dress. It has a headdress which consists of pink crystals, four short ones cresting along top pointing upward and two long ones on either side of its head pointing downward, with a diamond-cut centerpiece framed by its slim gray ears. A smaller pink crystal is also embedded in the back of its head, and a gold nugget is embedded in its forehead. Its eyes are red with pink irises. A gold crescent circles its neck, with the ends joined by a rhomboid gem. Its lower body resembles a large oblong chunk of stone, with a large pink crystal protruding from it.


Diancie starts out at level 50 with the following stats:

Level 50 100
Health 117 223
Attack 118 230
Defense 174 343
Speed 23 35
SAttack 118 230
SDefense 174 343