The Daily Tasks are requirements that are used to complete certain tasks and obtain Pokebux, was added during the Massive Update.

Daily Tasks

To do a Daily Task, you must join the official group of the game, once done, when you join the game a task will appear that you will have to complete, it appears daily and you can accumulate up to 3 tasks on the board. The board is located in the lobby (click on the small icon, below to the left) and in the Deep Marine Community, in a light green house. The amount of Pokebux you can get can be between 25 to 100 (previously between 10 to 25) depending on the difficulty of the tasks. When you complete a task, will appear a green notification that you have obtained Pokebux.


In this list, it shows all the different types of tasks that are in the game:


Requirements Pokebux
Die by other players 3 times. 25
Die by other players 8 times. 50
Die by other players 14 times. 75
Die by other players 20 times. 100


Requirements Pokebux
Travel 5000 studs. 25
Travel 9000 studs. 50
Travel 16500 studs. 75
Travel 20000 studs. 100


Requirements Pokebux
Evolve 46 Pokémon. 25
Evolve 81 Pokémon. 50
Evolve 127 Pokémon. 75
Evolve 164 Pokémon. 100


Requirements Pokebux
Kill 15 other players. 25
Kill 28 other players. 50
Kill 35 other players. 75
Kill 47 other players. 100


Requirements Pokebux
Play for 30 minutes. 25
Play for 60 minutes. 50
Play for 90 minutes. 75
Play for 120 minutes. 100