Type Normal
Category Status
Power -
Accuracy -%
Reload Time 8 sec


The user mimics the move used immediately before it. The move fails if no other move has been used yet.


Copycat causes the user to use the last move that was used, even if the last move was by the user.


# MS Name Type Level
035 MS035 Clefairy Fairy Prior Evolution
036 MS036 Clefable Fairy Prior Evolution
039 MS039 Jigglypuff Normal Fairy Prior Evolution
040 MS040 Wigglytuff Normal Fairy Prior Evolution
113 MS113 Chansey Normal Prior Evolution
173 MS173 Cleffa Fairy 13
174 MS174 Igglybuff Normal Fairy 11
185 MS185 Sudowoodo Rock 1
242 MS242 Blissey Normal Prior Evolution
300 MS300 Skitty Normal 19
311 MS311 Plusle Electric 22
312 MS312 Minun Electric 22
438 MS438 Bonsly Rock 1
440 MS440 Happiny Normal 5
447 MS447 Riolu Fighting 19
448 MS448 Lucario Fighting Steel Prior Evolution
481 MS481 Mesprit Psychic 61
778 MS778 Mimikyu Ghost Fairy 1
802 MS802 Marshadow Fighting Ghost 20


MS Name Type Level
MSSLB LMaDBuff Normal Fairy 11
MSSLP LMaDPuff Normal Fairy Prior Evolution
MSSLT LMaDTuff Normal Fairy Prior Evolution