Breloom can stretch its short arms to deliver fast punches. Additionally, it has light, springy footwork that allows it to get close to opponents. Another way it closes in on opponents is by incapacitating them with spores released from the holes in its cap. Its technique is equal to that of professional boxers. It prefers to live in warm and humid forests, where it feeds on trees and plants.


Breloom is a bipedal, mushroom-like Pokémon with some kangaroo-like qualities. Most of its body is green, but its head to its neck and its tail are beige. On top of its head is a green, mushroom-like cap with beige gills underneath and a round, red berry-like growth with a hole in the middle on either side. It has oval, black eyes, a beak-like mouth, and frilled segments around the base of its neck. There are two red claws on each of its hands and feet. At the end of its tail, there are seed clusters made of hardened toxic spores that are horrible to eat.


Evolve Shroomish at Level 23


Level 5 50 100
Health TBD TBD 245
Attack TBD TBD 298
Defense TBD TBD 185
Speed TBD TBD 45
Special Attack TBD TBD 140
Special Defense TBD TBD 140


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Mach Punch Fighting Physical N/A
1 Absorb Grass Special 1
1 Tackle Normal Physical 1
1 Stun Spore Grass Status 1
1 Leech Seed Grass Status N/A
12 Mega Drain Grass Special 1
15 Headbutt Normal Physical 1
19 Feint Normal Physical N/A
22 Counter Fighting Physical N/A
28 Force Palm Fighting Physical N/A
33 Mind Reader Normal Status N/A
39 Sky Uppercut Fighting Physical N/A
44 Seed Bomb Grass Physical N/A
50 Dynamic Punch Fighting Physical N/A
Prior Evolution Worry Seed Grass Status 3
Prior Evolution Giga Drain Grass Special 3
Prior Evolution Growth Grass Status 3
Prior Evolution Spore Grass Status N/A