Blastoise H009 H009M


Blastoise Shiny

Blastoise BW

Elusive Blastoise

Blastiose Reflective

Mega Blastoise

Mega Blastoise Shiny

Elusive Mega Blastoise

Number #009
Type Water
Ability Torrent

Mega: Mega Launcher

Height 5'03" 1.6 m
Weight Normal

188.5 lbs. 85.5 kg


222.9 lbs. 101.1 kg

Date Unknown
Location 03



Blastoise is a Water-type Pokémon of the first generation.

It evolves from Squirtle at level 16 and then from Wartortle at level 36. It can Mega Evolve into Mega Blastoise using the Blastoisinite.


Blastoise is a large, bipedal tortoise-like Pokémon. Its body is dark blue and is mostly hidden by its tough, brown shell. This shell has a pale yellow underside and a white ridge encircling its arms and separating the upper and lower halves. Two powerful water cannons reside in the top sides of its shell. Blastoise's head has triangular ears that are black on the inside, small brown eyes, and a cream-colored lower jaw. Its arms are thick and striated with three claws on each hand. Its feet have three claws on the front and one on the back. It has a stubby tail.


MS Name Description
MS009 Normal Evolve from Wartortle at level 36.
MS009S Shiny Evolve from Wartortle Shiny at level 36.
MS009BW BW Evolve from Wartortle BW at level 36.
MS009P Elusive Evolve from Wartortle Elusive at level 36.
MS009REF Reflective Evolve from Wartortle Reflective at level 36.

Mega Blastoise

As Mega Blastoise, it develops two smaller shells over its arms, each with their own water cannon. The two cannons on its back are replaced by a single, central water cannon of greater size. This cannon extends forward over Mega Blastoise's head and is said to have a blast range of over 6 miles (10 km). Small ridges develop over its, now red, eyes and extend to its ears. The ears angle slightly backward and there is a small point on its chin.[1]


MS Name Description
MS009M Normal Evolve from Blastoise with a Blastoisinite.
MS009MS Shiny Evolve from Blastoise Shiny with a Blastoisinite.
MS009MBW BW Evolve from Blastoise BW with a Blastoisinite.
MS009PM Elusive Evolve from Blastoise Elusive with a Blastoisinite.
MS009MREF Reflective Evolve from Blastoise Reflective with a Blastoisinite.


  • Blastoise:
Level 5 50 100
Speed TBD TBD 49
Attack TBD TBD 192
Defense TBD TBD 230
Special Attack TBD TBD 197
Special Defense TBD TBD 242
  • Mega Blastoise:
Level 5 50 100
Speed TBD TBD 49
Attack TBD TBD 237
Defense TBD TBD 275
Special Attack TBD TBD 309
Special Defense TBD TBD 264


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Tackle Normal Physical 1
1 Tail Whip Normal Status 1
1 Water Gun Water Special 1
1 Withdraw Water Status 1
1 Flash Cannon Steel Special N/A
13 Bubble Water Special 1
17 Bite Dark Physical 1
21 Rapid Spin Normal Physical 1
25 Protect Normal Status 1
29 Water Pulse Water Special N/A
33 Aqua Tail Water Physical N/A
40 Skull Bash Normal Physical N/A
47 Iron Defense Steel Status N/A
54 Rain Dance Water Status 1
60 Hydro Pump Water Special 1