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Evolves into Bill at level 37.


Billy is a "zombified" Halloween Slowpoke.


Billy has an overall black body, a grey mouth, red nails, and red pupils. Billy's right ear and the end of his tail is cut off leaving a stump, and his tongue is replaced by a sharp-toothed worm.


Spawned at the top of the giant tree during the 2015 Halloween event.


Level 5 50 100
Health TBD TBD 380
Attack TBD TBD 219
Defense TBD TBD 219
Speed TBD TBD 33
Special Attack TBD TBD 163
Special Defense TBD TBD 163


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Curse Ghost Status N/A
1 Yawn Normal Status N/A
1 Tackle Normal Physical 1
5 Growl Normal Status 1
9 Water Gun Water Special 1
14 Confusion Psychic Special 1
19 Disable Normal Status 1
23 Headbutt Normal Physical 1
28 Water Pulse Water Special N/A
32 Zen Headbutt Psychic Physical N/A
36 Slack Off Normal Status 1
41 Amnesia Psychic Status 1
45 Psychic Psychic Special 1
49 Rain Dance Water Status 1
54 Psych Up Normal Status N/A
58 Heal Pulse Psychic Status 1