Bellossom H182


Bellossom Shiny

Number #182
Type Grass
Ability N/A
Height 1'04" 0.4 m
Weight 12.8 lbs. 5.8 kg
Date Unknown
Location 01

Bellossom is a Grass-type Pokémon of the second generation.

It evolves from Oddish at level 21 and then from Gloom with a Sun Stone.


Bellossom is a primarily green Pokémon with circular blue eyes and red markings on its cheeks. It has two bright red flowers on its head and green and yellow leaves around its waist that resemble a skirt, all adding to the appearance of a hula dancer. Bellossom does not possess feet; its center-most leaves bent as it was getting ready to spring, suggesting that it uses its leaves as substitutes for feet or legs. However, the Pokédex does classify it as a biped.[1]


MS Name Description
MS182 Normal Evolve from Gloom with a Sun Stone.
MS182S Shiny Evolve from Gloom Shiny with a Sun Stone.
MS182REF Reflective Evolve from Gloom Reflective with a Sun Stone.


Level 5 50 100
Speed TBD TBD 35
Attack TBD TBD 185
Defense TBD TBD 219
Special Attack TBD TBD 208
Special Defense TBD TBD 230


Level Move Type Category Heart Scale
1 Magical Leaf Grass Special N/A
1 Leaf Blade Grass Physical N/A
1 Mega Drain Grass Special 1
1 Sweet Scent Normal Status 1
1 Stun Spore Grass Status 1
1 Sunny Day Fire Status 1
39 Quiver Dance Bug Status 1
49 Petal Blizzard Grass Physical N/A
59 Petal Dance Grass Special 1
69 Leaf Storm Grass Special 1
Prior Evolution Moonblast Fairy Special 3
Prior Evolution Absorb Grass Special 3
Prior Evolution Growth Normal Status 3
Prior Evolution Acid Poison Special N/A
Prior Evolution Poison Powder Poison Status 3
Prior Evolution Sleep Powder Grass Status 3
Prior Evolution Lucky Chant Normal Status 3
Prior Evolution Moonlight Fairy Status 3
Prior Evolution Giga Drain Grass Special 3
Prior Evolution Natural Gift Normal Physical N/A
Prior Evolution Grassy Terrain Grass Status N/A