Alpha - Beta Test

The PFE Alpha - Beta Test was a mini event during the beginning of PFE. It started on (???) and ended on August 18th 2015, and featured 1 exclusive pokemon. Access to the game during the event costed 25 Robux.

Event pokemon


Kevin is an exclusive Pokemon only for people who bought access to PFE during the event. Kevin is a Giant Bidoof who stands on its hind legs, It also has huge muscles and wear red underwear. Kevin will never be obtainable ever again.

Notable differences

Some major differences in the Alpha - Beta Test are,

  • There was no spawn for mewtwo or the lake guardians.
  • pokemon spawned on the map instead of requirments.
  • Meowth's mad deals was just named Pokemon store.
  • There was no safe spawn.
  • Moves were "gears"