4th of July 2018

The 4th of July event started on the 31st of June, 2018 and finished on the 7th of July. There were 3 special Skins available during this event, Patriotic Skorupi, Patriotic Shuckle, and Patriotic Marshadow. It introduced 1 new subheading in the skins section: "Patriotic". This subheading also includes the "Patriotic Starly" from the 2017 4th of July Event.


To get Patriotic Skorupi, you had to use Ember or Flamethrower on a firework that can spawn at these places: at the beach, the desert, on the Axe Tree, the mountains near the maze, near the Flying type spawn or the Forgotten Village.


To get Patriotic Shuckle, you had to use Explosion or Self Destruct to kill a Shuckle.


Finally, for Patriotic Marshadow, you either had to steal the stats from a Patriotic Shuckle using Spectral Thief over the hole in the town next to the desert or die to a Patriotic Marshadow in the same location.