The 2017 Winter Event began on December 23rd,2017 and ended on January 6th,2018. The main event Pokemon being Zygarde

Event Pokemon


Zygarde and its forms return once again! To get it, the player must get at least 10 Zygarde Cells to get its 10% form, 50 Zygarde Cells to get its 50% form and 100 Zygarde Cells to get its 100% form.

Zygardes Cells and Cores


Like Last year and the year before, in order to unlock 50% and 100%, the player must find cells, which spawn all over the map in 15 seconds and despawns in 10 minutes. Gathering 50 Zygarde Cells will unlock 50% while getting 100 will unlock 100%. After gathering 100 Zygarde Cells, the player will no longer be able to pick anymore Cells.


Also returning from the other Zygarde events are cores. Cores are Brains of Zygarde that unlike Cells,are colored. With every Core gotten, a new move for Zygarde is unlocked at the Move Tutor.

The Cores are;

Core 1: Rarely hidden in Presents(Sometimes in Delibirds Gifts when it uses the move,Present.)

Core 2: Sometimes found when fighting other players(Chance of being given when killing another player.)

Core 3: Hidden high up on the map(Hidden up in the Living Tree)

Core 4: This one’s a freebie. Type “Z1Z2” in the chat to unlock it(explanatory.)

Core 5: Hidden deep down within the map(Hidden down at the Living Trees roots.


Along with Zygarde, a few other updates were added including,

Stufful and Its evolution,Bewear

Poke boxes,pokeboxes contain various cosmetic skins to use with your Pokemon. These skins only change how the Pokemon looks, they do not change their stats. Pokeboxes can be purchased and opened in the town at the new shop.

Daily task rewards now go from 25 to 100 Pokebux

Optimized Bag to remove lag spikes in certain scenarios Optimized Quest Log to reduce remote requests & lag

Fixed an issue allowing pokemon to gain double speed Fixed an issue causing players to not "Explore the Underwater dimension" Fixed an issue where Ditto couldn’t transform into Deerling/Sawsbuck